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As many of the homes in our subdivision become older the need to perform maintenance on them becomes more commonplace.  The Riverbend Homeowners Association Board and the Architectural Control Committee (“ACC”) understand this need and are here to advise our homeowners on the best way to perform these various maintenance items.  Every homeowner should have a copy of the Riverbend Subdivision Restrictions for their filing.  If you need a copy of these guidelines please click on your filing below.

The purpose of a restricted subdivision is to maximize property values for those who live in Riverbend. The tradeoff in living in a restricted subdivision is that homeowners are not allowed to do things which are not within the guidelines. The restrictions that have been enacted have been time tested and address many of the common problems that have caused concern in non-restricted subdivisions.

The key point to remember with respect to what you do to your house or yard is that, for the most part, ANY new construction, remodeling, maintenance work, fencing, or driveways MUST be approved in advance by the Architectural Control Committee of Riverbend Subdivision PRIOR to initiating the work.  A fee of $50 will be paid by the builder of homes to the Architectural Control Committee when the plans are submitted. This fee is used by the committee for maintaining the Architectural control committee records and any miscellaneous fees. If plans and specifications have not been approved by the ACC in writing prior to the commencement of work, Architectural Control Committee on behalf of all the lot owners may put a lien on said property until such time it becomes complaint.